Tuesday, November 29, 2011

lovely morning :)

     top of the morning to you all!

    Today has been crazy thus far, it started out with a mad scramble to clean the room before class and missing breakfast cuz I woke up late. But it got much better!

    This morning for class we were supposed to go off for like 20 mins and just talk to God about this next week. And so I did just that. I asked him what I was supposed to learn this week and I heard in my head, 'David and Goliath.' So of course my first thought was this, "what? that has nothing to do with missions..." (this weeks class is on missions.) But I said to myself, 'whatever, I don't have anything to lose by reading the story.' So I get out my bible and of course I have no idea where to find it in the bible so i'm flipping around the old testament hoping to get lucky.... and of course there happens to be a bookmark on the exact page that I would swear I never placed in my bible.

   This is where things get good. I then read through the story and i'm starting to see something, but I still don't understand it. And now God gives me a picture of a giant pickle. What is this supposed to mean you ask? well how bout when the pickle starts talking and then you see a little asparagus hopping towards it? Now I got confused until I remembered a veggie tales episode from when I was younger.... Dave and the Giant Pickle. So here I am trying to find some relation between pickles and missions, when I hear a song play in my head from veggie tales, 'little guys can do big things too!' is the name of the song and it talks about how size doesn't matter when God is on your side.
       Those of you who know me must know that I'm a small guy. And I never knew how much that really affected me. How I tried to be good at everything so that people would not look down on me. And now I realize that its in my weakness, in my small size, that God can show how big he is! And he will get so much more glory because of it!

    And so I guess God is telling me that I just need to be plain old me in order for him to use me! And if that means taking me across the world for the rest of my life, well God, use me well, you only made one of me!

God's Peace,

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