Wednesday, November 2, 2011

i'm running out of clever names

    I don't have anything huge to share, just a little lesson i learned.

   So we had a meeting with the directors tonight, just like we do every wed night and we were ending in prayer. well I was tired and kinda annoyed with how long the meeting was and I didn't really want to pray. I thought "we had worship this morning and a bunch of classes and I prayed durring quiet time and before lunch" and I just kept coming up with excuses.

    Well my small group got together and we started to pray for the next six weeks of lecture phase and I decided I would pitch in my two cents. right?

   JK! the holy spirit took my over and I started praying like a mad man. he in turn used it to fire up the other guys as well! one dude started callin me rev. lol, so here we are, sitting in the directors office, just five guys, going nuts over God. Truth just spitting from our mouths, visions and words from God flowwing through us. And to think I was tired of praying. As one guy put it, "God never changes, but he never gets boring either." And its so true! our small group leader had to put a close on things so we could give the dir back his office. I honestly think that the five of us could have prayed all night, and I think we will some day too. lol

   So thats my little lesson for the day, just be open to God even when your tired. Its in your weekness he will rock you the hardest!

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