Tuesday, September 27, 2011

claiming a new land

  So after a day of air travel, visiting Boston, Buffalo, Denver, and Arvada I made home base at Eagle Rock. In the foothill Rockies it barely even feels like the same planet. let alone the same country!
  I was picked up by a guy named Peter. A British bloke with a great sense of humor and a fear of the Lord. after talking with him for only a few minutes i knew that the hour long drive into the mountains would go far to quickly. our conversation started out with simple talk of our home towns and what we liked about them, they moved quickly to our family's and then on to our father God. we began to talk about how God works in today's society and i soon realized that Gods plans for this DTS far exceeded my tiny human ideas.
  I reached Eagle Rock at around 10 pm day light saving mountain time. The other guys in my room were asleep but despite this a guy named nick rose and greeted me. I later found that he traveled to be here from Australia.

   After a very restful night of sleep i woke up at 7 for a beautiful sunrise. a great prayer time and tasty breakers me and my 45 student friends headed to the prayer room for worship time to start off our months together. In moments every fear that i had felt in moving across the country vanished and as i prayed with my new friend Ethan i felt entirely at home and at peace.

   Its now 10:39 pm day two. And i'm totally beat! take care, keep me in your prayers. Be praying that over the next six weeks i could raise the money needed to travel to Thailand, pray for Gods guidance in this time of change, and pray Gods peace among us.

God's Peace, Jake         

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The night before takeoff

   so its about 12:59. and i cant sleep. im really tired and even though i know that ill be tired tomorrow i cannot possibly consider sleep at this hour. not yet. not when i know that in 12 hours my life is going to begin a transformation unlike anything ive imagined.

Tomorrow i am going to move halfway across the country with one suitcase and trust God to take care of me. am i crazy? cuz if i am im loving it! please keep me in your prayers as i travel and become acoustomed to my new surroundings. mostly pray that Gods peace would surround me. i think im going to try and get some sleep now (even though it wont work).

Gods Peace, Jake