Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crazy week!

    So three things come to mind that you all should know about.

            First is that another DTS came up the mountain to stay with us for a week. I'm not gona lie it wasn't something I was too excited about, They are noisy, loud, and sometimes overbearing. But guess who was proven wrong.... again.... ME :)
    I thoroughly enjoyed having them stay with us, sure it was louder than normal, maybe a tad crazier, but it was alot of fun. And now because of it I have become good friends, with great people!

    Second, I spent two days and one night in a hospital. I won't go into detail of why because it's really gross. But I guess it was some kind of stomach virus :/ here is my advice to anyone who might go to the hospital, DON'T! The food is gross, the iv hurts, and the doctors are men. haha Just kidding, that's no reason not to go, but really they are men.

   Thirdly, I got to go to the graduation of the DTS before me. It was amazing! We got to hear stories of the outreaches they went on, and we got to see some of the dramas they did too! It was great and I can't wait for my turn to talk after outreach!

    Well I better run, I'm off to learn my dramas to do. This week is outreach prep, all week we will be learning sermons and dramas and who knows what else. take care! God bless!

      God's peace, Jake

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