Sunday, October 9, 2011

week two, snow!

    Well week two is finished, and yesterday it snowed for the first time! the mountains are breath taking while covered in snow! I love Colorado and all the new friendships that have been formed, my roommates are the coolest guys you will ever meet!

   This week our speaker was a man by the name of Blake Mattocks. He spoke about the character and nature of God.  My only complaint is that i wish we had more time to learn from this wise man. He spoke with authority, based everything he said off the bible and was completely open about his life with us. That i think is why I respect him as much as I do.
    As me and my team prepare for a two month outreach im Thailand we are becoming more like a family every day. We eat, sleep, worship, learn and live together. This family is the most loving, sharing, caring, and supportive community I have ever lived in. And it's not because of the people I live with. It's because we are all here to seek God and his kindom here on earth.

   I can feel myself changing. Every day I'm a new person entirely. I'm afraid that when i get home no one will even know me anymore, but that's ok, it's the price paid for living life in the spirit. Each friday night we have the option to give up our night off and go into downtown Denver for street evangalizm. I decided to go for a night and God rocked my world. We started off with an hour of worship at a local church to prepare our hearts before the Lord, during this time God led me to pray over my friend from Brazil. God said "Pray for him to be able to speak freely." (his english is good, but he struggles with alot of words.) Right in the begining of our outreach he met a guy and girlfriend who spoke spanish and he was able to speak the gospel to them and pray for them.
    As we worshiped in the streets of Denver I was led to stay with the small group of people who were singing and playing guitar instead of going out with the many groups of YWAMers that went off in twos and threes. After about an hour of Intercession a man began talking with some of the other people who were with me as well, I watched and prayed because something felt off about him. After a while I saw him aproach a dear friend of mine so me and one of the staff girls went over to her side. Within only a few minets I knew he had demons within him. He spoke of spirits and auras and other evil things. Soon he wished to depart and wanted a hug. I told him I would not, but I would shake his hand in parting. The girls I was talking to him with left and he told me, "If you knew my spirit you would hug me." I told him, "I do not know know your spirit, I only know the spirit of God!" He stared at me for a moment and then I could see the demons within his eyes, but I could also see the spirit of God shining from within me. We stared at each other for several minets as the spirits within us fought. And then I prayed, "Father God, let your spirit shine through me." and I found myself looking down on this man taller than me. His face grew worried as he turned and disapeared into the night. I did not see him agian, but I pray that the man wants Gods spirit instead of the ones he woships now. This is how I know that the Holy Spirit is inside of me. Because I saw it. After wards I asked the girls how long i spoke with him, and the many minets that had passed were indeed only about ten seconds. This is the Power of God.

Gods Peace. Jake.

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  1. I'm so proud of you Jakey!! You are in my prayers daily! I love and miss you!