Saturday, October 1, 2011

taming what has been claimed

   This marks the end of week one, and a hard week it was. I told myself on mon that on Fri i would know the names of everyone staying at Eagle Rock Base.... and im proud to say i know them all! Some students i know better than others, but that's to be expected. There are none that i can honestly say i dislike. I love this community.

   Faith. This word has meant more in this week than any others. My life is being stretched in every way and it is faith that holds me together. God has spoken in ways i never thought possible, through dreams, words, pictures. people, me. I am truly blessed.  

   Physically i'm adjusting quite well i think. The altitude is awful, one of the girls here has some kind of altitude sickness and its terrible seeing her in this condition. Today i was pumping some iron, went for a long run, and hiked to the top of Eagle Rock. Pics will be coming soon to my fb page.

   Thanks for reading, please pray that God continues to speak to me and through me, pray healing for my friend with altitude problems, and pray Gods peace upon Denver and the surrounding area.

Gods Peace, Jake


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